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A Beginner's Guide to Your Portrait Session

What to Expect and What to Ask for

Happy Family Session
Happy Family Session

Waiting for the right time for your family portraits? Apprehensive about what to expect or how to prepare? You've got this! There are three simple and important steps to consider and believe it or not it's not the cost of the session.

  1. Whom do you want to include in your memorable portrait? - this is your chance to get your family together all in one place. For first-time sessions, keep it simple, just immediate family or you and your significant other. Perhaps, a special milestone to celebrate, like a new lease on life, birthday, or anniversary. How about a session to celebrate you? Your choice, the sky's the limit; boudoir, pin-up, lifestyle, or change in career.

  2. In-Studio or On-Location - We are a full-service studio, so we can do portraits just about anywhere in Pahrump, Las Vegas, and Death Valley. Location matters when you want a certain feel or ambiance. This is also dependent on the weather and season. Ask what locations are perfect for this time of year.

  3. Casual or Traditional - deciding on what to wear is important. We say go with who you are! Just a little more polished up. In group photography, we suggest similar colors but you don't have to match. Choosing what to wear coincides with your family's lifestyle. Bring extra clothing, especially if you have little ones.

A useful tool to figure out what you would like for your session are inspiration images. Before your session research a little on portraits of all kinds on the internet so you can see what inspires you. It will also help your photographer get to know you and your style. However, don't set yourself up for disappointment if the portraits don't turn out exactly like those in the images. You and your family are unique and the best photographer will show your beautiful authenticity!

Portraits are an investment in the prosperity of you and your family.

On average people spend $30K every 3-5 years on a new car, if your portrait session is every 3-5 years for $350-$800 wouldn't it be worth it?

Don't let pricing scare you off from a professional portrait session especially since it will last you your lifetime.

A few more tips: - Bring your makeup, hairbrush, and change of clothes. Snacks and water are encouraged. After your session celebrate with ice cream!

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