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Prints vs. Just Digital Images

"The Beauty in Wall Art "

Like any photographer, we have packages, most of our packages include digital images. We believe when you pay for the session you should come away with the experience as well as the images. However, convincing some to purchase prints is another thing. "Just the digitals," is often the answer I receive when I ask clients what they would prefer. Prints are intimidating. For example, which images to print, what sizes to choose, and where you would place them in your house. And the belief prints are too expensive! Yes, they can be if you want them to last your lifetime.

Quality is worth the price. A professional photographer's lab and its quality are worth the cost compared to an online or discount print store.

Believe me, I've been there! I ordered prints of my children from a "discount" store 20 years ago and they are already fading.


Size Matters

Whether you choose to order framed prints from your photographer or do it yourself. Size does matter in this case. Mats are a great way to make your prints pop and protect the print from the glass.

There are also many print options besides framed prints such as Canvases or Metal Prints.

Happy Visual Environment

As you see in the images above Wall Art can be simple and so beautiful. Celebrating you and your family. It creates a happy ambiance and defines the space in your home. Wall Art is a reflection of your life and having it on display makes your house a home.

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